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In 1967, at Manzano the heart of the “Triangle Chair”, “S.A.M.S.A” the leading market leader for production of wooden chairs, armchairs, barstools, benches and furnishings for contract and residential market was established.

Passion and attention are of main importance when it comes to product creation and are what essentially make S.A.M.S.A. an avant-garde company within the furniture sector. S.A.M.S.A is known worldwide for its reliability and on-time delivery, as well as, quality-price of products.

Thanks to a highly specialized technical staff, S.A.M.S.A. is able to create an ever increasing range of products based on customers and designers drawings or samples. Thus satisfying the ever increasing and demanding market requirements.

Those looking for excellent quality, great value and a traditional process which relies on the usage of the best raw materials will find their ideal partner in S.A.M.S.A.